The landscape around central Victoria inspires beautiful music, created by talented folk who embrace and absorb its mystery into their musical storytelling.

Writer: Megan Spencer – Photographer: David Field

Two such are Lance Hillier and Bridget Robertson. Coupled in music and life, their first album “Nothing To Win Nothing To Lose” is a lush, ethereal paean to the country: its history, the genre and hidden stories revealed within rolling hills and golden plains. Released in 2014, the lyrics might recall lost love and far away lands, but you can still hear the goldfields’ blonde-bleached paddocks seeping through its sun-drenched pores.
While the songs are carefully structured and musically restrained, they also smoulder with the kind of intensity you’d find in classic Americana songs written by country and western veterans on the other side of the world. Produced over three years in their ‘tin shed’ of a home studio, the album gained glowing reviews in an enviable array of music publications.
Country Music Capital News called it “a fine example of modern Australian country-folk”. It was No 4 on Americana Music Times “Best Albums of 2014 That No One Told You About” list, and the video for single “Lone Star“ was featured on revered music blog Twang Nation.
They’ve gigged with the likes of Sal Kimba & The Rolling Wheel and have been interviewed all over the shop.
“We did a Skype interview with one guy overseas,“ laughs Bridget, not yet comfortable with all the attention. “It was weird!“
Born and bred in Kerang before moving to Bendigo to finish high school, Bridget now juggles family life with music and a busy day job as Goldfields Library Corporation community engagement and programs co-ordinator…