Everyone’s given a chance to contribute to the eclectic and evolving menu at Boris Murgers, and for family man Paul Morris it’s the only way to go.

Writer: Sue Turpie – Photographer: David Field

The eclectic menu at Boris Murgers is thanks to Paul Morris’ family and their passion for food. It’s only natural that if you are going to establish a family eatery that you would turn to people of all ages and backgrounds for inspiration. Paul himself is from Yorkshire. His partner Kirsty’s family is from Eastern Europe. And, of course, the children were consulted on what they liked too.
“Originally when we first started, we had family tasting sessions and came up with ideas,” Paul says. “The Mexican burger was created by my partner’s daughter, and my partner, whose family is originally from Eastern Europe and came over after World War 2, inspired the burger with the sauerkraut and the bacon, and we’ve just added pickled chilli to it as well. That’s a Polish burger. Then our hotdogs aren’t the traditional hotdogs, they’re made down in Kyneton and they’re more of a spicy, Eastern European bratwurst sausage; they’re grown-up hot dogs.”
The logic behind starting up Boris Murgers was Paul’s own enjoyment of eating a meat patty in a bun.
“I love a burger and I felt that Bendigo’s got some great restaurants and great places to dine out, but I just thought that good quality, fresh burgers would go down well. I had permission from the misses too,” he laughs.
“I’ve had the idea and I’ve always wanted to do it. I always wanted to own my own burger bar since about 15 years ago in the UK when they started opening over there big time. When I came to Australia that’s when I really wanted to do it. But when you’ve got kids and a mortgage and you suddenly go, right I’m going to put everything on the line, that was the biggest thing…