Nine-year-old Liarra Pule-Leech is already living her ambition of being a radio presenter, thanks to her show on Bendigo community radio station Phoenix FM.

By Sue Turpie

Sitting at the announcer’s desk at Phoenix FM, surrounded by microphones and electronics, Liarra Pule-Leech looks right at home, and she’s only nine years old, making her possibly the youngest presenter who’s licensed in Australia.
“I’ve been doing radio since I could speak,” the young disc jockey says. There is a confidence in Liarra’s voice and an obvious joy that she gets being at the community radio station. She has been on the airwaves since she was about two years old, having been introduced to radio by her mum Nicole, who was already a presenter.
It is a family affair with Liarra’s dad hosting his show, Game of Drones, while her mum is on the air for her show, Goldfever.
“I was interviewing her on my show about her acting because that was taking off, and she thought ‘I can do this a bit better than you mum’,” Nicole laughs. She was interviewed in May of this year, and then after three times on air Liarra had to be made a member of the radio station. Her aim was to do something specifically for children.
“She said ‘mum get me to the committee because I want to be a presenter.”
In order to allow Liarra to go on, they had to ask for special permission from the committee which resulted in a change of policy.
“There are kids who might talk as guests or who might do a spot… but as far as we know she is the youngest presenter in Australia who has an actual licence,” Nicole says.
It’s that confidence that comes through in Liarra’s shows. That and a love for what she does, and for music …