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Taste of the south

It’s been years in the making, but two food and beer enthusiasts are living the dream, dishing up American-style chicken to patrons from both here and abroad.

Cool knights

There’s nothing like donning medieval garb and waving a sword to relieve the pressures of daily life as members of Bendigo’s Swordcraft crew explain.

Bear-ly there

A recent resurgence in “Yowie sightings” and reports of alarming noises in the bush at night beg the question: how much can a koala bear?

Fit for battle

Meet the modern-day warriors continuing a sporting tradition steeped in history.

Jodi and Ricky

Such busy but exciting times for this bride and groom, juggling building a home, welcoming the arrival of their daughter, travelling through Africa and planning a beautiful wedding.

Canine catwalk

Two generations ago dogs lived outside and were fed on scraps, but in a fast adaptation they’ve taken over the couch and now have their own cuisine and couture.