Did you know that if you really look, just about anything you could want or need can be found locally? And did you know that, often, it is so much better than anything you would find elsewhere?

Writer: Amy Doak – Photographer: David Field

Brilliant Brew
Rachael Roessler has it spot on. “If you don’t support local business, we will eventually lose those services. Bendigo, at its heart, is a country town and a community. As long as I live in this community I believe that it is really important to support it the best I can.”
Of course, it helps when the product that you love the most is top quality and produced just down the road!
“I first discovered Brewhouse Coffee a few weeks after it opened in the Eve Court site. I was keen to try out this new café and it was walking distance from home, which was great. We would walk or ride our bikes there and the coffee was fantastic. When they moved into town (to the Hargreaves Street site) we were happy to follow and now we always go to Brewhouse.
“My husband (Peter) and I have completely different tastes. I love their Brazil blend and Peter prefers Corey’s Secret Blend. We have a coffee machine at home so we also buy the beans to have Brewhouse coffee when we are home as well. Peter is a doctor and he has an apartment above his rooms that is often rented to locums – we make sure they know all about Brewhouse as soon as they arrive too.
“I think the café, not just the coffee, has done great things for Bendigo. They’ve really made other places step up to the mark in terms of service, trading hours and offering more. The more places that we can have open in Bendigo that do this, the better.
“I also love Favourite Flavours – we always take family and friends there when they come to visit. When I eat bread, I buy it from The Good Loaf. My favourite is their pumpkin bread. I also buy chocolates from Indulge as gifts and the Ecoya candles at Organise My are great too. My favourite place to buy clothes is The Laboratory. The Farmer’s Market and The Square Market are also great places to get quality local items and support the community.
“We earn our money in town and I think we should spend our money in town. I like to support local as much as possible.”…