Editorial photo of Lily standing on the staircase at the entrance of the Beehive Building. Photographer – David Field.

Welcome to the glamorous world of a stylist – where fashion shoots just magically grace the pages of a magazine and I never get pigeon poo on my clothes.

I’ve just finished my second edition working as style editor for Bendigo Magazine and while I L.O.V.E (yes that much) my job, I had no clue as to how hectic my life was to become. If you ever see me running around town with shopping bags literally weighing me down (think Cher from Clueless), don’t assume I’ve been shopping up a storm with an unlimited budget for myself – that only occurs in my wildest dreams.

This got me thinking about how I could share with our readers what is actually involved in creating and executing a fashion shoot. So what better way than an exclusive behind the not so glamorous scenes of our ‘this season’ fashion spread which appears in our spring edition.

A behind the scenes image taken on an iPhone which captures the beauty of the historical building.

Our dream team consisted of photographer David Field, creative director Dustin who captured video footage, editor Andrea, stylists assistant Alex, model Lily and Miranda and Hayley from The Eternal Vase.

Our first step in this process involved an initial tour of the site. Our photographer David and I scouted different locations within the space taking photographs as we went to refer back too and Miranda was able to gauge the area in order to visualise the floral design. With the site secured, I now turned my focus towards a model, make-up, hair and clothing. I have conducted many a Facebook stalk in the search for local models to use for our shoots and this time landed on red headed beauty, Lily. It can be really tough trying to decide on a styling direction for a spring shoot when all I am seeing on clothing racks are luscious coats and beautiful boots. Shooting a spring shoot in winter was a pretty big learning curve, which I swear has contributed to a few frown lines on my forehead that weren’t their before.

Above and below: A selection of behind the scenes images

We arrived on set at 8.30am with clothes, shoes, cameras, crates of flowers, ladders and props. The day of the shoot, while sunny, was absolutely freezing. I’m talking – stockings under my jeans, gloves, a scarf, beanie, three tops and two pairs of socks – kind of freezing. Naturally we had Lilly in light spring frocks, shorts and even a bathing suit at one stage – she was an absolute trooper, despite going blue, constantly shivering and having to walk around bare foot for eight hours (sorry about that Lil).

Clothing and accessories were sourced from local retailers including Mona Lisa (Bath Lane), Soho Boutique (Bath Lane), Knot and Crop (Bendigo Marketplace) and Euro Collections (Mitchell Street).

Above and below: Two editorial images that did not make it to print. Photographer – David Field.

The team on the day worked together flawlessly. Miranda from The Eternal Vase was working at the pace of superman, staging each chosen location with flowers, David meticulously setting up for each shot, Dustin capturing footage of every square inch of the building, Andrea, Alex and myself were drowning in clothes. It took us an hour and a half of prep time to even get Lily in front of the camera, who arrived after having her hair done at Bamboo Beauty Lounge and makeup done by the team at Eden. This was our rhythm for the day – stage, shoot, repeat! It is surprising how long you can spend taking just one shot, so I find it really helpful to have a running sheet for the day otherwise you can get sidetracked for hours. We even managed to capture our spring cover image on the day – bonus! How we go about that is a blog for another day.

The result was a mystical and magical shoot that we hope you get lost in just as much as we did. The spring edition of Bendigo Magazine is now available.

Mary x

BgoMag36 This Season from Bgo Mag on Vimeo.