All stories have to start somewhere, and for Ned, the Nerdy Birdy, the story started on a sticky note.

Writer: Hannah Pronesti – Photographer: David Field

David Snowdon, a graphic designer from Bendigo, had a habit of doodling on sticky notes and one day, one of his sketches caught the eye of his fiancé Danielle Wheeldon,“Just looking at that character, I thought, man, there’s a whole story there.” And so Ned The Nerdy Birdy was born.
Writing a children’s book had always been a dream of Danielle’s, and with David’s talent for illustration, a joint project seemed only natural.
The Nerdy Birdy tells the tale of a little yellow bird named Ned. You’d think life would be easy for a bird, but that’s not the case for Ned, who gets bullied simply for being smart. However, like all good stories, Ned’s has a happy ending, and a positive message, encouraging children to be themselves and teaching them not to judge others based on what they initially see.
The couple felt having a positive message was essential, and for Danielle, the topic of bullying was an easy choice, “Bullying is something that I saw a lot of in primary and high school. You could tell some kids wanted to do their best but it wasn’t ‘cool’. It really annoys me that people can be put down for that.”…