The prequel to the Greg McLean’s cult Australian horror film was an idyllic childhood and a lot of break-dancing in Bendigo.

Writer: Sarah Harris – Photographs: Supplied

You won’t see the film closest to Greg McLean’s heart on the big screen, but there’s no question it would be suitable for all ages.
This sweet little production produced entirely on a budget of love is called Little Miracles – though frankly it is about quite a large one, being McLean’s own family.
“A couple of years ago I started to realise how unusual my family story was,” reveals McLean, writer and director of the internationally successful Wolf Creek horror franchise.
“Whatever situation you grow up in you think is completely normal. Then after a while, when people keep going ‘Oh my God, you were one of 16 kids’ and you start to think maybe that is interesting.”
And so one of the hottest film-makers around sat his mum Marie and dad Frank down and interviewed them.
“I asked all the obvious questions everyone has, like why did you have so many kids, how did you manage to feed them all, how big was the dining table,“ he laughs.
McLean spliced the interviews with old Super 8 footage of the couple and their children at the family’s rambling farmhouse near Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye…