Take one shed, a lot of skill and plenty of people with a shared interest and you are part way to understanding the Bendigo Woodturners.

Writer: Steve Kendall – Photographer: David Field

Each week about 120 people from varying backgrounds meet in groups and sub-groups sharing a love and understanding for the working of wood.
Ages range from 10 to 90 at the club, and of the 120 members 27 are women.
The group formed in 1987 and since 1992 has operated from the former band hall at 104 Eaglehawk Road.
Though called woodturners, the club incorporates five main sub groups, the woodturners, scrollsawers, carvers, pyrographers and the Triton group.
The first three are what they say, and are probably familiar names, but pyrography involves the marking of wood with hot irons, more art than woodwork.
The Triton users are the big boys in the field, turning their hands to furniture restoration and manufacture, a different field, but hands on and creative nonetheless.
Alongside the working of wood and the productive time spent,  there is an air of camaraderie.
Members share and discuss and learn from each other, it’s a major part of the inner workings of the club.
Like-minded they may be, but there’s always another way to get through a problem with wood, and someone at the club will know how.