If I’m being honest, there was nothing glamorous about this shoot, save Jennae our model of course. Extreme heat consumed the team and set the theme for the day. Why you may ask are we shooting in these conditions for the autumn edition of the magazine? Well for two reasons really. The first is that the magazine works in a quarterly cycle – meaning this shoot occurred in January and the second is that we made an executive decision in the mag office that autumn isn’t all about cool weather, rather a glorious season of transitioning from those hot summer days to a milder temperature for all to enjoy.

We were lucky enough to stumble across this gem of a location (thanks to our creative director and videographer, Dustin) in Axedale where Peter (the owner) was more than willing to accommodate us for the day after our initial location fell through. This all happened one day prior to the shoot – understandably I was nearly having kittens.

After scrawling around town picking up stock and picking up our model Jennae from hair and makeup (thanks JACS Salon), we were bound for the quarry. The shoot, although extremely hot, was an absolute ball of laughs which I think is evident in the pictures. Jennae spent hours under the sun posing  and charged on through like a trooper. How she managed to maintain her composure and keep her hair and make-up in tact – which is still a mystery to me as the rest of us melted away.

Style Editor
Bendigo Magazine