A freak cycling accident left Dion Jelbart fighting for life. But sheer determination on his part and support from a loving family made Dion’s remarkable recovery possible.

By Paula Hubert

The tiny scar in Dion Jelbart’s hair remains hidden, almost innocuous and insignificant. It gives no hint of how close the 41-year-old came to death, the acute pain he endured, nor the heartache of his family as they kept vigil at his bedside while he remained in an induced coma.
Dion’s cycling accident occurred a week before Christmas 2015 and his plight touched the community. No one knew if the father-of-two would pull through.
“It was overwhelming to see how many people helped, especially our neighbours and the Bendigo and District Cycling Club,” says Dion, who is a cycling enthusiast and runs Dion Jelbart Photography.
“I still look at the messages people put on Facebook at the time. There were messages from people from all around the world.”
His wife Stephanie still can’t believe the kindness shown during the family’s hour of need. A crowdfunding page was set up to raise money for medical expenses. VicRoads, Dion’s other place of work, also provided incredible support.
“We could never feel that we could find enough words to thank people as we are so grateful. The support has blown us away. You don’t know what a community can do until something like this happens,” Stephanie says.
“The entire neighbourhood rallied together. They took all of our animals, watered the plants and rostered to do things. I just couldn’t believe it.”…

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