Artist Paul Boromeo follows his heart when it comes to his creations. From drawing to photography and now outdoor dunnies; his career path has not been about logic so much as going where life takes you.

By Sue Turpie

He’s known as the Eccentric Bushman, but really artist Paul Boromeo is just a down-to-earth, friendly, open and enthusiastic bloke who loves doing what he’s doing. And what he’s doing is creating art inspired by the Aussie lifestyle that he loves. Although he’s probably best known for his quirky photographs, he’s been branching out into model outdoor dunnies. And why not?
It was a case of needing a change. Paul first started with drawing but then decided he needed a break from that and moved into photography. After that, another change was needed and his new outlet is creating intricate replicas of backyard toilets. The attention to detail is impressive, but then Paul has never been one to do things by halves.
He is certainly one of a kind, and is open to talk about his influences and life experience. He remembers being creative since he was a Grade 2 student at Kangaroo Flat Primary School. Paul attended Kangaroo Flat Tech School because it was expected he’d follow in the tradie footsteps of his family.
“But I was always arty,” Paul says. “My grandma used to always say to me that I was the black sheep, and why don’t I get a proper job.”
Happily, he didn’t. From there it was off to TAFE to do art and then to university to study fine art, but he admits he deferred his tertiary education… since 1985 when he was employed by the Bendigo Art Gallery as a technician.
He left a few years later and has spent his time since living a creative life. His drawing and a twist of fate involving a local newspaper photographer and a pen friend in Italy, resulted in winning a major art prize in Italy…


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