Autumn is a beautiful time of the year in Bendigo. The leaves on the trees turn their amazing shades of gold and brown, people are getting stuck into the footy season, the summer doona is being upgraded and it’s time to get someone in to check the heater.
Well, given how up and down the temperature has been, no doubt some of those things have been taken care of already. But as the chill sets in and the nights become shorter it is time to spare a thought for those who are doing it tough.
Bendigo Magazine spoke with Anglicare about how homelessness affects our young people and the hard work this organisation does to help those in need. It is a humbling experience when you hear the plights of some people. At 17 years of age, most of us only had to worry about the next CD we were going to buy or getting our English essay in on time. These youth worry about where their next meal is coming from and finding somewhere safe to sleep. Check out the feature on page 50.
With so much focus on the 100-year anniversary of World War I, Bendigo Magazine wanted to highlight the work of our female veterans. We were lucky to chat with Jo Harding about her career in the armed forces and what Anzac Day meant to her. Feature on page 53.
Following the theme of the contributions of women, Lisa Chesters talks about the Bendigo Thunder women’s football team. A selection of the city’s local players has moved on to be part of the AFWL, but there is still plenty of talent and dedication with the likes of coach Cherie O’Neill  and player Laura Flanagan.
We continue to highlight the amazing and diverse members of the community including the original creator of the Chiko Roll, the winemakers of Sandhurst Ridge Winery, a cyclist and photographer who overcame a life-threatening injury, some funny locals who are taking to the stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an individual artist with a new creative plan, and some impressive lacrosse players.
Happy reading to you.