For Bendigo-based artist Clair Dubyna her creations and her desire to create both come from a strong call of nature.

By Sue Turpie

There is a natural beauty to the works by Clair Dubyna, which is not surprising given the artist’s work is inspired by nature. The colours, the texture, the subjects. They flow within the art… if you look at her resin art for long enough you could swear the swirls of resin actually move.
Clair’s outlook on life and her love of nature is almost childlike and explains – if we needed an explanation – her ability to also create art for children, such as the Alphabet Animal Poster, and the series of Jimmamila endangered animal cards inspired by a trip to Melbourne Zoo.
“My son is fascinated by the animals,” Clair says. “So we’re going to do prints and fact cards that are appropriate to a younger and older demographic. That way we’re building awareness about the endangered animals, I still get the creative output and challenge myself.” …