Complaints Policy

Policy Purpose:
This policy outlines how Bendigo Magazine shall deal with external complaints.

The policy covers external complaints from the general public, people named in the publication, advertisers, and any other entity who submits a formal complaint to Bendigo Magazine.

Bendigo Magazine contractors and staff are required to abide by the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics and the Australian Press Council Statement of General Principles.

Any complaints, where readers or members of the general public believe that Bendigo Magazine has failed to abide by ethical or journalistic standards, can be submitted in writing to:

Dustin Schilling – Publisher
Bendigo Magazine

Bendigo Magazine will acknowledge complaints within 3 days of receiving them.

Request for additional information
To properly assess the complaint, Bendigo Magazine will request the following information, if it has not already been provided in the initial complaint:

•    Date/s material was published
•    Copy of the item or a hyperlink (if digital content)
•    Where the material was published (online/print/both)
•    Reasons for the complaint

External complaints should be submitted to Bendigo Magazine within 30 days. This timeframe is in line with the Australian Press Council complaints guidelines. Consideration of a complaint more than 30 days after publication may be considered. This decision is at the discretion of Bendigo Magazine and may be allowed on the basis that:
•    The complainant has experienced illness preventing them from submitting the complaint earlier;
•    The complaint involves a number of articles over a lengthy period; or
•    Other sufficient grounds for delaying the submission of the complaint.

Decisions Regarding Complaints
All complaints shall be reviewed and considered. Bendigo Magazine may decide on one or more of the following outcomes:
•    A remedy such as a correction, clarification or apology in an agreed form to be included in the next edition of Bendigo Magazine
•    Publication of balancing material in a future edition of Bendigo Magazine
•    Amendment or removal of material on the Bendigo Magazine website
•    A letter advising there has been no breach of the standards
•    Further mediation